Long time

It has been a long time since I posted anything. We officially stopped holding services for Life Connections Church 2 weeks before Easter this year, and life has been pretty busy since. Many have asked why we stopped holding services. There is no easy, simple answer, but the easiest one I can give you is that we came to the end of that season of life. One of the biggest challenges in life sometimes is figuring out when one season is over and another is starting. And if you aren’t careful you’ll get stuck in your current season and won’t move along to the next one in life, and wind up missing out on what you should have had. A perfect example are the natural seasons of nature. There are times to plant, times to reap/harvest, and times to let the ground rest. If you attempt to sow or plant in the harvest season you won’t get a good crop. Harvest season is very close to winter where the ground is refreshed. If you attempt to plant/sow during that season you will not get the harvest you should have and the ground won’t receive the refreshes it needs to produce fully, so not only are you affected in this season but also in ones to come.

He is still a miracle working God!

In the days we live in it almost seems that all of the messages that come out the church are self help messages or prosperity messages, or something about how God is going to make you happy and make you feel good. We almost seemed to have diminished God down to a self help book. Ah you don’t need to go to church, just buy our latest book and read it and you’ll feel better about yourself. But I think God is about so much more than that. I believe that He still does miracles like you read about in the bible. I believe that the dead can still be raised, that blind eyes can still be opened, that lame people can still walk. I believe that cancer can be cured through God’s healing, that any sickness, infirmity, or disease can be healed by the mighty hand of God. In our own personal ministry we have seen God raise the dead. We’ve laid hands on a woman whose liver was destroyed, who was so jaundiced her entire skin was yellow, and watched as the hand of God healed her and her skin became normal color in front of our eyes. My wife went with that woman to the doctor to get a biopsy done and her liver was normal. The doctors had no explanation. I’ve laid hands on a man just before he was taken to surgery after the doctors let his family say goodbye to him, because in their eyes he was unable to survive the surgery. Two hours later they came to the waiting room to tell us that when they opened him up they could not find the tumors that had been there, and that they were able to correct the other issue that he had, and he would indeed live. They had no explanation, but we did. I don’t serve God for the miracles, but I do certainly believe that He still does them.